Recent advances in our ability to control the quantum properties of atoms, ions, and light, and integrate them with solid-state devices, offers a new wave of hybrid quantum systems. Such systems raise challenging fundamental science questions and offer prospects for new technologies: for example sensors that exploit nonlinear matter wave dynamics and interference. The workshop will explore the generic questions, phenomena, and formalisms that will be needed to understand and develop a wide range of hybrid quantum systems far from equilibrium.

Topics include, but are not limited to, light-matter interactions, atom-matter interactions, hybrid systems for nano and quantum metrology, thermalisation in interacting Bose and Fermi gases. Due to their intrinsic complexity, understanding hybrid quantum systems requires communities with diverse expertise to work together.

The aim of this meeting is to foster such interactions. To make all of the workshop topics accessible to researchers working in other areas of non-equilibrium physics, there will be hour-long plenary talks, which will explain the background of the presentations to follow and, crucially, identify aspects of hybrid quantum systems where generic expertise in non-equilibrium systems is required in order to make progress. To ensure strong participation of future research leaders, short contributed talks and a poster session will also be a key part of the meeting.

Organised by the IOP Quantum Optics, Quantum Information and Quantum Control Group and the EPSRC Network Plus on Emergence and Physics far from Equilibrium

Co-sponsored by EPS Endorsed by MRS

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline extended:
    14 October 2015
  • Early registration deadline:
    19 October 2015
  • Registration deadline:
    28 October 2015
  • Poster submission deadline:
    28 October 2015